Dr. Alex Scott-Samuel

Email: A.Scott-Samuel@liverpool.ac.uk

Health Inequalities and the Social Determinants of Health Department, University of Liverpool, UK


Academic Position

Since 1994 Alex has been Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Division of Public Health at the University of Liverpool, where he directs IMPACT (the International Health Impact Assessment Consortium); Liverpool Public Health Observatory and EQUAL (the Equity in Health Research and Development Unit).


Alex qualified in medicine at the University of Liverpool in 1971, and took my Masters in Community Health in 1976. From 1978-94 he was consultant in Public Health with Liverpool Health Authority. From 1979-85 I was founding editor of the journal Radical Community Medicine (now Critical Public Health). Together with Peter Draper, I established the Public Health Alliance (now the UK Public Health Association) in 1986. In 2003, I was a co-founder of the Politics of Health Group. I am Vice Chair of the Pioneer Health Foundation (founders of the Peckham Experiment).

Research Interests

Most of his health-related interests are linked with politics and public policy. He has worked with health inequalities since the late 1970s; his 20 years in the NHS have enormously influenced his academic career.